Harris Oil: From a Humble Beginning 


With a table in the cellar for an office and a cap off an old Chevy pickup for a workshop, Jim and Anna Harris were ready to start their new adventure together. On November 8, 1986 they made their  first fuel delivery for 72 cents a gallon. Boy have times changed. With the help of good friends Charlie and Kay Mathews and a lot of hard work and dedication, Harris Oil became a great success. 


Only after a few years and the business continuing to grow, Jim and Anna could no longer do it alone. Gary Gonia was hired to help Jim with the delivery routes. Just a short time later, Bonnie Richards was added to the Harris Oil Family to help Anna in the office. Gary and Bonnie have played a large roll in the success of Harris Oil. Bonnie remains a part of the Harris Oil team and has been joined by Mike Barse and Abby Gordon, as well as Nick Smith and Jim Black as the furnace repair team. 


In the early 2000's, Jim and Anna passed away leaving the business to their four children: Paul Harris, Patty Russell, Melissa Mills, and Stacey Langdon. Harris Oil continues to serve their community with dependable, hometown, quality service under the leadership of Paul Harris and Dan Mills. Our business is always expanding and updating to serve our customers better. 


A special thanks goes out to our loyal customers and dedicated team. You are greatly appreciated!